LIBF Course Info

Professionals who want to offer pension transfer advice must meet FCA requirements. The LIBF Level 6 Pension Transfers (PETR®) is an industry recognised qualification, providing individuals with the appropriate qualification to practise. The LIBF Level 6 Pension Transfers (PETR®) qualification provides the knowledge and the ability to offer advice and is designed to ensure that the adviser obtains the highest quality educational material and assessment opportunities. Pension transfers are a complex field and pension transfer advice is regulated by the FCA which requires certain standards to be upheld. The syllabus content covers the whole scope of pensions; covering the legal and regulatory framework, the pension transfer market, applying solutions based on client circumstances and suitability, also factors that influence the critical yield.  The qualification takes 5 months to complete. The price for the LIBF registration and exam is £490.00. There are 2 study sessions each year, one in February and one in August.

Overview: The Pension Transfers (PETR®) qualification is assessed via 1 module and provides the essential knowledge required to provide pension transfer advice. The qualification will cover the rules and regulations that support pension transfers and includes the advice process to meet client needs.

The exam consists of two sections:

  • Written examination: The structure of the assessment ensures that all aspects of the course content are subject to external examination. Section one is based on a pre-released case study and the second section is assessed via standalone written questions totaling 100 marks.
  • The exam is assessed via a 3 hour written exam on a specified date.
  • An additional 15 minutes reading time is provided before the examination time commences.
  • The pass mark is 40%. To pass the exam you must achieve the minimum pass mark.